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07 January 2011


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i am humbled by you. i am an adoptive mother and related to what you said about others thinking our bonds are not the same as with a birth child. it's true: our bonds are stronger!


hello. i read your blog. i am an adoptive mother to a nepali-born girl. i have looked around your blog and your website looking for a way to donate to shishur sevay, but can not find one. please let me know how i can contribute something to help you help your children. thank you.


The website for Shishur Sevay will be up in about a month. contributions always appreciated. I'm really glad you liked this post. It's "from the heart!"

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    This is two years old, from before I added 13 children to my life... Bubbi has taught me a lot, and i'll blog about that soon, as my adventures with her are part of my strength. Bubbi is my cow. She is about five years old and just had her first calf, Shiva. It is really hard to explain my relationship to my cow, except that I knew I wanted a cow. I wanted a cow because I love to take pictures of cows, and i imagined that my cow would have a lot to say. I'm listening, and invite you to meet and get to know Bubbi.

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    This is the first Album. I won't even try to put the story in order, but more like the blog -- little scenes.... And some will just be random, pictures I love and want to share. Partly this is just because time is so little, and pictures so many. I started it 29th December but I've been adding to it.....

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